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Sara Stuart

Postpartum Doula

Sara is amazing,so much so that I asked her if I can write a testimonial for her. First off, she is a twin expert. We were her 18th set of twins that she worked with. She came in and took charge the nights she was there. She knows what to do and just does it without asking. You can tell she is both comfortable and confident in handling two infants at once. She is an absolutely incredible resource, delivering total expert care and advice.

Although I am not a first time mom, I asked her numerous baby related questions pertaining to things I couldn't remember or didn't know(like when the belly button falls off,when to expect longer stretches of sleep, how long twins typically share cribs, how to treat an awful case of thrush) and she provided instantaneous answers. I felt like she had complete knowledge of all things twin-and all things baby. I also loved her company at 3am while feeding babies-its much less lonely than trying to do it by yourself.

I really can't say enough about her. Paying for her help was the best money every spent. Every time I meet someone in San Francisco having twins, I tell them they must get Sara! She is truly gifted and dedicated and we felt completely secure knowing that our twins were in her care at night.

Hoddy Potter

Mother to Grant and Harper

Sara is extremely knowledgeable about new babies and multiples in particular-ours being the 12th set of twins she has looked after. As first time parents,aka excessive worriers, her experience and demeanor provided the surety we needed to get many full and restful nights of sleep. Will all the stress and apprehension of bringing home newborn twins, this was a most welcome respite.

One of the best aspects of Sara is that she is a great communicator. She has a straight-forward manner and is happy to answer any questions guileless new parents might have. She didn't lose patience with such doozies as why we couldn't switch formula brands on a daily basis, why poop changes color so much and how to strap your child into the miracle blanket. Indeed, she even brought us her own swaddles on the first night, a good thing because the ones we had were too big for our 4.5 and 5.25 pounders.

If you are looking for someone who is reliable(she was never late), neat(we often commented on how the laundry and bottle collection looked after she left) and is reasonably priced. Sara would be a great choice for you.

Sebastian and Mary

Parents to Madeline and Flora

After bringing our baby home from the hospital and feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed,I finally got my husband to agree to bring in someone to help us with the nights. Sara started helping us with Seth when he was only a few weeks old. I felt at ease with having Sara in the nursery with Seth and I was finally able to sleep for 6-7 hours.

Since I was well rested, I was happy and calm during the daytime. Sara also helped to get Seth sleeping in his crib, which wouldn't have happened until much later if she hadn't advised us. Sara is flexible, kind and compassionate-with both parents and babies. She was able to calm Seth when he was frantically crying and was the first person that I trusted to be left alone with our baby.


Mother to Seth

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